About the Journal

Journal Guidelines

The Innovative Teaching and Learning Journal (ITLJ) aims to promote research and scholarship on the integration of technology in education, promote effective practice, and inform policy.

ITLJ welcomes previously unpublished manuscripts that advance understanding of educational technology in post-school education settings, including higher and further education, lifelong learning, and training.

Please note that following recommendations of a review into the journal's focus we no longer accept manuscripts that focus specifically on school education. We will, however, consider school-related research that has a direct relevance to education, such as transition from school to higher education.

We consider manuscripts that present qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods studies, critical reviews or analyses, and theoretical positions. Descriptions of technology-based implementations without a strong empirical and/or conceptual base will not be considered.

Manuscripts submitted to ITLJ are expected to be well written, as they will not be edited for English expression while under review.

In addition to clearly presenting the background to the study and the results, authors must:

  • explain the significance of the study and how it advances knowledge in an area relevant to the journal's scope;
  • set their study within the broader research literature (this is especially important when presenting a context-specific study);
  • if based on an empirical study, detail the methodology (including a description and justification of the approach, the research goals, aims or questions, theoretical/conceptual framework, recruitment/sampling, data collection/production, and data analysis);
  • discuss the results and/or theoretical ideas in light of the research focus or aims of the paper and in the context of the literature; and
  • discuss the limitations of the study, implications for policy and practice, and potential future research directions.

Submissions that do not meet these criteria will be returned to authors after an initial editorial review.

Various themes, trends and fractions of research in innovative teaching and learning:

  • Open Educational Resources / System
  • Learning Analytics / Social Media Analytics
  • Digital Learning Games / Gamification in Education
  • Collaborative Technology / Collaborative Networks
  • Mobile Apps / Mobile Web Apps for Learning
  • Animated Pedagogical Agent / Virtual Assistant
  • Multimedia / Virtual Learning Environments
  • Innovative Learning Models / Instructional Design
  • Computer Science Education / Computational Thinking
  • Social Learning
  • Personalized Learning / Adaptive Learning
  • Technology-enhanced Instructions

ITLJ publication fee : Free of Charge

This advice is for authors intending to submit a manuscript to ITLJ. Before submitting an article to ITLJ, please ensure you have read and understood the focus and scope of the journal and that you have attended to the formatting of your manuscript. submissions that do not comply will not be considered.

If you have any issues with the submission system and website please contact the secretariat at itlj@utm.my or p-zaida@utm.my.