Identifying the Level of Teacher's Maturity in the Impactful Technology Use (ITU) in Abu Dhabi Public Schools


  • Mahmoud Hamash Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Hasnah Mohamed Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



Educational Technologies, SAMR model, Rubric Framework, Impactful Technology Use (ITU)


The effectiveness of using educational technology in the education system, especially in math and science, has been the subject of many research projects due to its importance. However, it is clear that in many classrooms, teachers lack maturity in using technology effectively. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to assess the level of Impactful Technology Use (ITU) among science and math teachers in public schools in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi. A mixed-methods approach was used, specifically a concurrent triangulation design, with a sample of 89 science and math teachers selected through purposive sampling. The data collected included teacher questionnaires, lesson observation rubrics, teacher interviews, and class observations. The findings demonstrate a high level of maturity among teachers in their use of technology, as evidenced by their ability to meet the six conditions of ITU. This success can be attributed to the support and professional development provided by the Ministry of Education and other organizations. The research proposes a rubric framework for enhancing and measuring ITU, which can be utilized by education professionals to effectively incorporate technology and improve student learning outcomes. This study holds significant implications for teachers, school leadership teams, and educational governing bodies as it promotes a better understanding of how to achieve impactful use of educational technology. The researcher concludes that higher levels of teacher maturity are crucial in creating the necessary conditions for ITU and recommends further research to test and apply the findings to other subject areas.




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Hamash, M., & Mohamed, H. (2023). Identifying the Level of Teacher’s Maturity in the Impactful Technology Use (ITU) in Abu Dhabi Public Schools. Innovative Teaching and Learning Journal, 7(2), 60–71.