Teaching and Learning Chemistry Using Smartphones


  • Parthiban Arumugam School of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Corrienna Abdul Talib School of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Faruku Aliyu Sokoto State University, Sokoto, Nigeria


Learning in chemistry can indeed be quite difficult and a challenging task as the subject involves creating knowledge about abstract and complex concepts. In this regard, mobile devices became an integral part of the student of the 21st century serving several functions ranging from digital cameras to mobile tablets, from cell phones to mp3 players. These and many more functions of mobile phones are regarded as suitable and could assist learners when properly utilized. To some extent, it is considered that educating matured students without the use of smartphones is similar to educating a doctor without a scalpel. In view of this, the study utilized secondary data from a peer-reviewed and referenced journal articles, conference proceedings and well-authored books from different data-base including scopus, web of science, google scholar, science direct, academia.com etc. A total of fourty-one articles were selected and critically studied. Based on these studies, concepts were defined and described on how a smartphone is considered suitable to make the learning environment conducive and passionate for students as there are various applications found to support their learning of chemistry. The paper also discusses how leaning mobility and access to technology outside the schools could be enhanced using technology. Using smartphones in university and colleges, as instructional pedagogy was also part of the discourse in this paper. Some limitations for full integration of smartphones in learning chemistry such as of lack skills, technical issue and teachers’ anxiety were part of the limitations outlined by the paper. The paper finally concludes that, although PCs are the most widely used computer technology with far-reaching meaning nowadays, the use of mobile phone technology is now increasing more rapidly than the PC and, in the future, it tends to restructure traditional classroom systems




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